Health Legeslation added to stimulus bill

the following was written by NY former Lt. Governor Betsy McCaughey.
It relates that in the new Stimulus package that is being rushed through approval to aid the nation as soon as possible, some legeslation was attached that would be approved with it.
To create an NHS similar to England's in the U.S., and a federal al Electronically-controlled approval center where doctors and hospitals would need to submit treatment plans.  From the article, "According to [Tom] Daschle, doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.”
There are also provisions to enforce compliance to the National Health Coordinator's guidelines.  These 'guidelines' are as yet undefined in the legeslation, and are expected to be in place after its passing in to law.
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What Random music Tells me today

How am I feeling today?
Deadwood mountain (Big & Rich)
(like an outlaw?)

Will I get far in life?
It's so Easy (Millie deVille)

How do my friends see me?
Spendid isolation (Warren Zevon)

Where will I get married?
Songs From the Wood (Tull)

What is the story of my life?
Night by Night (Steely Dan)
(it's a beggar's life?)

What was highschool like?
Blue World (Moody Blues)
(Is it really eaier to try than to prove it can't be done?)

How can I get ahead in life?
The Arrest (Tim Rice)
(What's the Buzz? I need to betray my faith for silver? May come to that soon enough)

What is the best thing about me?
Mandelgroove (Blue Man Group)
(I'm wordless and Dynamic with great sounds?)

How is today going to be?
Armageddon (Planet P Project)
(crap....I'm going to retun home to find everyone long dead?)

What is in store for me this weekend?
Cold as Ice (Foreigner)
(OK, might as well cancel flirting, then...)

What song describes my parents?
Under the weather (KT Turnstall)
(OK... yeah..)

To describe my grandparents?
False Alarm (KT Turnstall)
(OK.. they're all gone now, so yah..)

How is my life going?
through the Dark (KT Turnstall)
(OK.. I KNOW I have other music here...)

What song will they play at my funeral?
A Christmas Carol (Tom Lehrer)
(At least it was not 'Joy to the world' by 3-dog night)

How does the world see me?
Lucky Man (ELP)
(I can see that)

Will I have a happy life?
Il Forte (The good, the Bad, The Ugly)
(not the best choice, but reassuring...)

What do my friends REALLY think of me?
Whip It (DEVO)
(since i do let the cream sit too long...)

Do people secretly lust after me?
The Shepard (Planet P Prioject)
(I will make a Pink World? sounds vaguely like an errotic movie)

How can I make myself happy?
Science Fiction Double Feature (Me First and the Gimme Gimmies)
(I need to make someone?)

What should I do with my life?
Carol of the birds (Mannheim Steamroller)

Will I have children?
Sally's Song (The nightmare Before Christmas)

What is some good advice for me?
(I just) died in your arms (Cutting Crew)
(OK less subtle why don't you?)

How will I be remembered?
Roll with the Punches (Warren Zevon)
(Since I just dies in that last one)

What is my signature dance song?
Love Hurts (Nazereth)
(duh. all good things hurt)

What do I think my current theme is?
Everybody have fun tonight (Wang Chung)
(Grasshopper & The Ant?)

What does everyone else think my current theme is?
You Rock My World (Michael Jackson)
(and here I was betting on 'I'm Too Sexy'...)

What types of girls/boys do you like?
Sheath & Knife (Broadside Electric)
(The Tragic Death kind of girls??)


WSJ: Warrentless Wiretap by President now Legal

"Ever since the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretapping program was exposed in 2005, critics have denounced it as illegal and unconstitutional. Those allegations rested solely on the fact that the Administration did not first get permission from the special court created by the 1978 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Well, as it happens, the same FISA court would beg to differ.

In a major August 2008 decision released yesterday in redacted form, the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, the FISA appellate panel, affirmed the government's Constitutional authority to collect national-security intelligence without judicial approval. The case was not made public before yesterday, and its details remain classified."

Read Full Article HERE

--> So now that the new administration is in power (Dems), it can be revealed to the public that LAST YEAR the courts ruled that the Gathering of Intelligence for National Security by the Executive Branch is legal on its face, and if the new Administration chooses to exercise that right then it's all A-OK (move along citizen).
So... what other empowering acts will now be declassified and ruled "allowed", or even new acts to be SCOTUS-Approved?
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A child tells us of Jesus..


During His life, Jesus had many arguments with sinners like the Pharisees and the Republicans.

Jesus also had twelve opossums.  The worst one was Judas Asparagus.  Judas was so evil that they named a terrible vegetable after him.

Jesus was a great man.  He healed many leopards and even preached to some Germans on the Mount.

But the Republicans and all those guys put Jesus on trial before Pontius the Pilot.  Pilot didn't stick up for Jesus.  He just washed his hands instead.

Anyways, Jesus died for our sins, then came back to life again. He went up to Heaven but will be back at the end of the Aluminum. His return is foretold in the book of Revolution.

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